Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Well it's certainly a talking point!!! We had the car read 50oC at 3pm last week as we were collecting the kids from school *eek* When you step outside it's like someone has just opened the fan oven door on full blast in your face! I am determined NOT to be a whinging Pom so have not said a word about it, although the Aussies are making up for it with their whining!!!I saw our first bush fire on Australia Day - in the Onkaparinga Hills (Isn't that just a fab name?!) We live in the city of Onkaparginga so it was a bit worrying watching the massive plumes of black smoke billowing in the sky as we were on the beach, but apparently after 3 helicopter and plane water bombs and lots of firefighters it was controlled swiftly.

Kids started school on the first day back from the hols on the 26th Jan which was great to get straight into a routine. No jobs as yet though. DH is flying back to the UK on 5th Feb for a month so I will be out here alone. I want to study midwifery I have decided so need to research that and in the meantime get a job which would ideally fit in with the school hours.

Best go and do some ironing now though - I am round Lorraine's house again borrowing her PC and as our belongings are coming until th 5th March :( I am still on the scrounge!

I will post photos just as soon as I am on my PC, and can't wait for my scrapping stuff to arrive...I miss my art :(

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Scrapbook Sisters Blog said...

We miss you. Glad you're safe and settling in. Can't wait to see the photos.
Julie and karen xx