Sunday, 21 September 2008


Yep - you heard me - WE'VE SOLD THE HOUSE!!!!!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!

Can you tell I'm happy/excited?!

We've acccepted a formal offer on our house with solicitors to be instructed next week which means that we will be in AUSTRALIA by the 12th to stamp the visas! What's more, our friends Lorraine and Darren in Adelaide said we can pitch up at their house from the 8th of Jan until we get ourselves settled! Lot's of exclamation marks but hey - we are so happy!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 18 September 2008


and I have a burning desire to write it all down here and share with you but not just yet - I don't want to tempt fate. Instead I am off to get my contribution to Flo's UK Art Raffle created - I NEED TO GET MESSY TO DE-STRESS!!!