Monday, 12 January 2009

Made It!

Well, 3 days ago we arrived in Adelaide - totally jet lagged but happy to have made it. Ours friends' house is so amazing and the kids clicked again as if they hadn't been away. 2 parties later and we have caught up with the sleep and are now starting the hunt for a house. Hallett Cove is beautiful, although not really for us as it is exceptionally hilly so everyone overlooks everyone else. We are looking into a couple of places called Flagstaff, Aberfoyle, and Happy Valley (not sure about this name though - they must be on the Prozac!) which are more extablished so are very green and luscious.

The weather is fab although it's going to be a whopping 41oC tomorrow so we will be inside! Oh, and have already seen a craft shop in one of the towns...I will have to investigate further when we have our own place.

My buddy Sarah made me a journal to record everything and so far have kept it up to date...just hoping to get some photos put in when I get on line properly (this is our friends PC so I cant download pics).