Monday, 12 January 2009

Made It!

Well, 3 days ago we arrived in Adelaide - totally jet lagged but happy to have made it. Ours friends' house is so amazing and the kids clicked again as if they hadn't been away. 2 parties later and we have caught up with the sleep and are now starting the hunt for a house. Hallett Cove is beautiful, although not really for us as it is exceptionally hilly so everyone overlooks everyone else. We are looking into a couple of places called Flagstaff, Aberfoyle, and Happy Valley (not sure about this name though - they must be on the Prozac!) which are more extablished so are very green and luscious.

The weather is fab although it's going to be a whopping 41oC tomorrow so we will be inside! Oh, and have already seen a craft shop in one of the towns...I will have to investigate further when we have our own place.

My buddy Sarah made me a journal to record everything and so far have kept it up to date...just hoping to get some photos put in when I get on line properly (this is our friends PC so I cant download pics).


Sarah said...

Glad the journal came in useful xx

Scrapbook Sisters Blog said...

So glad you've arrived safely. Sounds like you're going to love it there. Take good care of yourselves and hope you find a lovely place to live very soon.

Julie and karen x

Carmen said...

It sounds lovely Julie :D You've reminded me to get a move on and start the journal my sister got me.