Sunday, 21 June 2009

Best (UK) Fathers Day ever!

Mark got a lovely card from the kids (chosen by moi of course!) and Rhiannon had written some beautiful things in it about Mark, all unprompted. Then he had a couple of little pressies and (the best bit!) agreed to go whale watching today, at Victor Harbor which is about 60 km away.
Josh was none too impressed by the whole idea of driving up and down a coast line, pulling in at any given point to see if anyone had seen a whale! But I had been looking at the SA Whale Centre sighting log and there were some positive sightings yesterday and I had a good feeling that we would spot a Southern Right Whale migrating from Antartica to Queensland to breed.

Anyway, we headed off at around 11am, and got to our first view point - Basham Beach. It was just like a dirt track leading off the main road, and we pulled up. As we got out of the car, we heard a call from the whale in the sea in front of us!!!
It took my breathe away - I felt totally in awe and very emotional. The whale was less than 100m in from the shore and was just there "posing" for ages before slowly heading east towards Middleton Beach. Further in the distance were 2 more whales swimming side by side, blowing and rolling every now and then!

I mean, just how lucky are we to have seen thee magnificant creatures playing in front of us like that? And just "down the road" too! LUCKY is an understatement.
We hung around for a while and the kids were getting a little bored and hungry so Mark and I agreed to leave, although I am sure if we hadn't got the kids with us we would have sat there all day.


Carmen said...

How awesome - literally. I can't believe you have things like that on your doorstep. Absolutely amazing - what a brilliant day it must have been.

Scrapbook Sisters Blog said...

Fantastic pictures. What a magnificent creature. You are so lucky to see it.

vicky said...

Amazing pics, that's what dreams are made of!! How lucky you are.

Julia Zakrzewski said...

Found you at last you lucky Bu--er living in the land of Oz (have you met the wizard yet lol). What a great Fathers Day whales and sunshine, we had tractors and rain but hey thats the UK I guess. Would love to hear from you so here's my email I'm going to be published in a jewellery mag here in the uk, soooooo excited. Can't wait to hear from you your altered art buddy Julia Zakrzewski X

art raffle said...


just to let you know that the ART RAFFLE is back up and running. Sarah who was running it has now passed the rains over to me , i do hop eyou will join in again. you can now find use at