Saturday, 6 December 2008

Flights are booked!

Yes, finally, flights are booked for the 7th January. One way tickets for all of us, and Mark will have to come back in Feb to (hopefully) finalise the house and ship his tools out! Can you believe that we have over a container's worth of stuff?! Mark would tell you that most of it will be my art and scrapping supplies lol and between you and me he's not wrong! (Well he's got his tools and I've got mine!)

The kids are really excited now as they know that it is finally happening and are counting down the last couple of weeks of school.
So it's full steam ahead here with packing and clearing...wish me luck.


Sue said...

All the best for you all for the future. Will you still be designing for Scrapbook sisters? Its been great being with you on the team.

Cara said...

Good luck hunny, we'll miss you all x

Scrapbook Sisters Blog said...

We can't believe you're really going. Let us know as soon as you are settled in so that we can send you a 2009 DT kit. We'll miss you. Lots of love and luck
Julie and karen xx

Monika said...

You were dying for this and now you are going. I won't miss you because I do believe you will still be around. Supersmashinggreat. Good luck to all of you. Sometimes good things happen. Embrace and enjoy. After everything that went wrong it is so nice to hear some fab news. God bless you all. XXX

Pam said...

I hadn't realized you were off for good! All the best Julie- I hope all your expectations are met. I am very envious-maybe I'll catch up with you when I'm next in Oz!!! Whereabouts in Adelaide will you be?

Carmen said...

Oh Julie this is wonderful news, I can't imagine how you must be feeling. Just that picture of the plane made my heart jump so yours must be doing cartwheels!

I'm so sad we didn't get to meet irl but I am so glad of the day you recued me from my flounderings on UKS :) I feel like I've met a great friend in you and I hope it all goes smoothly from here on in for you all! HUUUUGE hugs!