Tuesday, 7 October 2008

And then I crashed......

...back to reality and have the biggest hangover head :( Me and Mark tried to blot out the pain and upset of being let down last night as our house buyer has pulled out; and as I sit here at 6am typing with tears rolling down my cheeks again, I realise that it didn't work.

I would just like to know what the hell me or Mark ever did in our previous life to deserve this constant kicking in the guts we always seem to get when we endeavour to acheive anything for ourselves. I am not a bad person, neither is Mark. We are not perfect either. Just a normal couple trying to do something for our kids' future. We don't want to be millionaires or rule the world, so why is this life journey so damned hard?

And I've just broken my promise not to pour my heart out on here, but I couldn't help it. Sorry.


Helen xx said...

oh Julie hun I am SOOOOO Sorry that this has happened. I hope there is some good news for you all very soon.

I think you are being really brave to try and make this happen for you and your family.

huge cyber hugs

Sue said...

Julie its nothing that either of you have done wrong, these things often happen to the best people, but often to the strongest of us. Something will turn up but it mat not what you expect.
Just hang on in there. Will be praying that another buyer will come along soon, have you thought of letting.

Sarah said...

:( it's the state of the housing market nowadays hun, definitely nothing personal. Stick with it, it will happen xxxxx

Pam said...

I'm so sorry to hear this Julie, but it's the story I'm hearing from everyone I know who are trying to sell. fingers crossed the economy will pick up soon-and remember, the situation is the same in Australia just now so maybe it is for the best to stay put until things stabilise.

Julie said...

Jools, I have only just seen this. I am so sorry...head up...you are not a quitter. It will work out, it will!

lots of hugs